The Pampas Tour. A Wildlife Paradise

The Pampas Tour. A Wildlife Paradise
The Pampas Tour. A Wildlife Paradise
The Pampas Tour. A Wildlife Paradise
The Pampas Tour. A Wildlife Paradise
The Pampas Tour. A Wildlife Paradise
The Pampas Tour. A Wildlife Paradise

Wildlife and nature as you can only imagine.  Dolphins, anacondas, monkeys, birds, crocodiles, sloths and piranhas just to mention a few.  The pampas tour is a dream come true for wildlife enthusiasts.  Swim with the dolphins, search the long grass for anacondas, fish for piranhas and...take pictures of the crocodiles/caimans.  Cruise along the Yacuma River and experience all this right from a boat.  

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Activities: Sight Seeing, Boat Trip
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Attractions: Pampas, Rurrenabaque, Rio Yacuma
Pickup information:
  • Departure time : 08:00.

Rurrenabaque Center
You meet us at the departure location.
  • Comfortable ground transportation with air conditioning from Rurrenabaque to the Boat Launch

  • Boat with outboard motor in the Pampas del Yacuma.

  • Accommodation in our Hostel

  • 1 Guide with certification and bilingual if necessary

  • Certified chef for all food

  • Full meals and buffet (according to special requirements vegetarian or vegan meals), juices at meals.

  • Mineral water and toilet paper

  • No type of life or accident insurance.

  • Extra drinks such as soft drinks, beers, etc.

  • Entrance to the Pampas del Yacuma municipal protected area. Foreigners (150 Bs.) And Nationals (50 Bs.)

  • Dinner on the last day.

  • Breakfast the first day

  • Food during your stay in Rurrenabaque

What to bring:
  • Long pants and long sleeved shirt, light colours preferable

  • Mosquito Repellant

  • Comfortable shoes (trekking shoes for the jungle)

  • Sunscreen

  • Flip Flops

  • 2 liters of water for the trip the first hours.

  • Towel

  • Hat

  • Swimwear

  • Rain Jacket or poncho

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Heading Out. Rurrenabaque to the Lodge

The Pampas Tour. A Wildlife Paradise

8:30 Presentation of guide and chef in our office, deposit of objects not necessary in the tours and valuables to keep in safe.

9:00 Departure from Rurrenabaque by land transport, the trip will last approximately 3 hours passing through the villages of Reyes and Santa Rosa del Yacuma. During the 3-hour tour, flora and fauna observation will be carried out, all of which will depend on the climatic state.

12:00 Lunch at a restaurant in Santa Rosa. Note: it is very important before hiring the tours to specify the type of food, such as vegetarians, vegans or those allergic to any type of food.

13:00 In Santa Rosa will pay the entrance to the Municipal Protected Area "Pampas del Yacuma" of 150 Bs (Foreign tourist) and 50 Bs (National Tourist). Then continue for 10 minutes until you reach the tourist port of Santa Rosa.

13:30 Departure by river transport, from the Yacuma River to our lodge, the trip will last approximately 3 hours, the guide will provide information on wildlife in general where it will be possible to observe wild animals such as: lizards, caimans, capybaras, monkeys, turtles and birds of different species and others.

17:00 Arriving at the lodge while they receive their rooms they pass to the hammock to take a break and a refreshing welcome juice typical of our region.

17:15 Explanations about the tours and behavior in the Pampas.

18:00 Part to the classic viewpoint to watch the sunset. Later we return to the lodge.

19:30 Buffet dinner in our dining room.

20:30 Outboard boat ride with engine off and flashlights to observe the eyes of lizards, alligators and nocturnal birds, the guide will explain the differences between them and their general characteristics.

Day 2 - Anaconda Searching and Piranha Fishing

The Pampas Tour. A Wildlife Paradise

7:30 Buffet breakfast in our restaurant.

8:00 Delivery of rubber boots. They start by boat and then continue walking in search of different species of snakes such as anacondas, cobras. In addition to other species of birds such as the South American ñandu the jabirú (jabirúmycteria) etc.

12: 00-13: 00 We return to the hostel for lunch buffet.

15:00 We leave by boat in search of a suitable place for piranha fishing. Said program will only be carried out for 30 to 40 minutes of activity so as not to waste a lot of time and make the most of the attractions of the destination.

15: 30-15: 40 We will go to the lookout point of the blue beard (araglaucogularis), which is in danger of extinction where we can appreciate the presence of these wonderful birds that are found only in the Yacuma River. Later, it is entered much more inland where the fauna and flora is less traveled by tourists, in order to teach them the authenticity of the Pampas del Yacuma Protected Area.

17:00 Return to the hostel.

19:00 Buffet dinner.

Day 3 - Sunrise and Swimming with the Dolphins

The Pampas Tour. A Wildlife Paradise

5:30 We leave by boat to watch the sunrise and listen to the song of the birds and the different sounds that the animals produce.

7:30 Buffet breakfast in our restaurant.

8:00 We start by boat until we reach the place where the pink dolphins (Iniaboliviensis) meet to swim, receiving information from the guide about them. Note is very important before leaving to the program to wash the body well to remove the repellent, sun cream or other skin protectors, because we can cause toxic damage to these products and avoid negative impacts on them.

11:00 Buffet lunch

12:00 Return by boat to the port of Santa Rosa.

14:00 Return to Rurrenabaque in land transport.

17:00 Arrival in Rurrenabaque and delivery of your belongings.

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