The Three Peaks. Hampaturi Hiking 4 Days

The Three Peaks. Hampaturi Hiking 4 Days
The Three Peaks. Hampaturi Hiking 4 Days
The Three Peaks. Hampaturi Hiking 4 Days
The Three Peaks. Hampaturi Hiking 4 Days
The Three Peaks. Hampaturi Hiking 4 Days

Huayna Potosí, Illimani, Mururata, Chacaltaya, and Condoriri around La Paz are the numerous interesting and famous summits. But Hampaturi? This mountain is practically unknown, although it is blessed by such a beautiful nature and landscape. It is not at all easy to find but we will open up this unknown treasure for those who want to try something different!

Our starting point is behind the small village Palkoma, only one and a half hours away from the city of La Paz. The landscape of Hampaturi valley is like a paradise, wide meadows and sparkling mountain creeks next to steep rock walls.

Right within this nature spectacle we enjoy pretty waterfalls. Of course, there are also a lot of mountains, incredible ones. Cerro SerkheKhollo (5546m) with his bright white ice wall, HathiKhollo with his steep vertical cliffs would be a real classic in the alps. Also, there are a few mid 5000m peaks with all kind of various difficulties, perfect for acclimatizing.

For less experienced climbers we recommend Cerro JapaJapani. This mountain offers spectacular views and has an easy ascent and is possible in one day from La Paz.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Activities: Hiking, Trekking
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Attractions: Represa Hampaturi
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:30.

Pickup is provided from your hotel/hostel in Central La Paz.

  • Pick up from Hotel

  • Professional Local Trekking guide

  • Cook

  • Private Transportation to the start of the trek

  • Use of Highmountain tent , mattress

  • Food (from first lunch to last lunch)

  • Water

  • Extra Snacks

What to bring:
  • Water for first day

  • Snacks

  • Daypack

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Backpack 55L+

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Rain Jacket or poncho

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Ascend to Base Camp

The Three Peaks. Hampaturi Hiking 4 Days

From La Paz, we drive to the southern part of the city. Behind the neighbourhood of Irpavi, we take adventurous roads to reach the mountain village of Palkoma. We first leave the countryside landscape as we get into more and more rocky, mountainous terrain.

We will pass some mines and soon see the gigantic mountain chain nearby. We stop beyond the nearest town and go on by foot. After a few minutes, we reach the first highlight, two beautiful twin waterfalls. We have to overcome a short rocky part and finally win a walk in a lush green valley, the real Hampaturi Valley.

We continue with 2 more hours of hiking as we hike up a not too steep path up to a picturesque mountain lake. Here we prepare our camp surrounded by breathtaking mountain figures. Those who would like to take a bath at 4700 meters are welcome.

Day 2 - Cerro JapaJapani

The Three Peaks. Hampaturi Hiking 4 Days

Today we start with an acclimatizing tour, but a really interesting one. Right above the first part of the valley that we crossed yesterday is placed the black double summit of JapaJapani. We attack him right from the lake and climb over step grassy walls to the broad ridge leading to the summit.

Arriving at the ridge, we can look out over the green mountain lake underneath the wild, rocky mountain. The next step is an easy ascent. The scenic view from here can hardly be beaten as the high summits of the Hampaturi chain seem to be unbelievably close; the enormous icy giant Mururata and the majestic Illimani can also be seen. Major parts of La Paz and EL Alto are also viewed from here, as well as the Lake Titicaca glistening in the distance.

Day 3 - Cerro Hathi Khollo

The Three Peaks. Hampaturi Hiking 4 Days

The second highest mountain of the Hampaturi mountain chain, Hathi Khollo, with his exposed ridges, makes a pretty nice contrast to the gigantic Serkhe Khollo from the previous day. The glaciers here are located on the back side, so we normally don`t need crampons. (After heavy snowfall this peak is inaccessible).

First, we have to hike up a steep stone field, later we cross diagonally to the viewing ridge. Some smaller summits still make the climb challenging. The view is even better than yesterday as we are at 5421 meters altitude, affording us, yet again with jaw-dropping pictures and sights. We cruise downwards along a steep stone field to reach the valley again on our way back to the camp.

Day 4 - Cerro Serkhe Khollo

The Three Peaks. Hampaturi Hiking 4 Days

Today we have to overpower steep stony fields in the first part again and later we reach a lightning white ice field, without crevasses. This part is a bit steep, but not too technical. The ice field ends on a broad saddle with fantastic views and as we go on, we reach and easy and harmless glacier part.

From here, we head up the ice-covered but broad summit ridge where we have to be on the lookout for crevasses. We also have the option to avoid this part by climbing up a bit more technical, but safe ridge on the left side.

In both cases, we reach the summit and have nearly the whole Cordillera Real at our feet. On the eastern side, the cloud covered, never-ending Amazonian region is spread out for as far as the eye can see.

After the descent, we have to pack up our equipment and tents as we go back to the main trail and head back to Palkcoma. Here our transport is waiting to take us back to La Paz.

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