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The company

In order to promote and publish all the natural and cultural wealth of our country to the citizens, inside and outside of BOLIVIA, the Adventure Tour Operator Agency “Free Bikes Mountain Biking” is organized in one of the nine Departments of Bolivia, as it is the capital city of La Paz, elaborating Tourist Packages and Programs inviting you to enjoy the geographic and climatic heterogeneity, unique in our country. You can know from the cold of the Andes with its snowy mountains that rise to heights of more than 6,000 m.a.s.l. to the exuberance of our Amazon jungle, passing through the cool valleys and ravines.

We have worked, and we will continue to do so in order to achieve excellence in the quality of the different services we provide, because our main objective is to achieve the full satisfaction of all those who, as you, visit us and choose us.

The company is organized by Bolivian professionals with university academic studies in Tourism and with years of work experience in it.

At the head and as General Manager of the Tour Operator Agency we have: Isabel Aliaga Choque. Professional with University academic studies mention: Degree in Tourism of work experience and with participation in different areas and Regions of Bolivia in Sustainable Tourism projects since 2006. The firmness, dynamism, responsibility and knowledge that she possesses make the company in constant paradigms as far as the Tourism always looking for the quality of the services provided.

In the operational part of the company we have professionals specialized for the different circuits or tourist destinations that we operate, in addition to their work experiences they have, the responsibility, concern, dynamism and discipline with which they count makes us a potential competition before others Adventure Tour Operators.

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